stasis duo – 3

March 30, 2009 - releases

cdr edition
160 copies
sold out

Stasis Duo are Matt Earle and Adam Sussmann

3 tracks
recorded between 2003 and 2009

the sleeves for this release are made from handmade paper. four different papers were used -which means that your copy might not look exactly like the one above. it will be pretty close though

also, a small technical note:
computer playback is not adviced (unless you have a $1000 soundcard of course).
ideally played back through a regular stereo system.


Stasis Duo is the shared project of Adam Sussmann and Matt Earle, in which the two explore the possibilities found in the use of empty samplers. Though their presence has certainly been felt in the international experimental circles, their more recent work has somewhat flown below the radar as most of it has apeared in small tape or cd-r editions that rarely found their way outside their native Australia. Which is a shame, because even though they have been recognized in the annals of high-pitched, sinewave-oriented music, they deal with all these sounds in ways that remain underexplored by other practitioners.

Far from static, the barely audible waves the duo produces bounce busily on each other creating a complex web of psycho-acoustic dynamics. Occasional glitches at times direct the flow or provide colour, but other than that the pair handles each element with subtlety, throughout long movements of sounds. In the third track, the glitches themselves are the building blocks, working against the up-till-then established structure of the disc. The 3 tracks in this recording were recorded between 2003 and 2009, but form here a cohesive whole, the relevance of which is as great now as it ever was.

Adam Sussmann works with electronics and guitar; on his own, in improvised groupings and in the bands ‘mosse aisley’ and ‘stasis duo’.
Matt Earle works with a wide variety of electronic, magnetic & mechanic devices, and sometimes nowadays with the guitar. He runs the breakdance the dawn label and appears in the projects ‘xwave’, ‘stasis duo’, ‘xnobbqx’, ‘sun of the seventh sister’ & ‘muura’.

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